• Across all global Avalanche Gaming platforms, only English must be spoken, other languages can be spoken in tribe, ally chat and private messages.
  • We do not refund any items or dinos lost due to gamebugs or server crashes.
  • Respect all players and members of staff on all Avalanche Gaming
  • Selling ingame items for real world money is not allowed and will lead to you getting banned.
  • Trolling of any kind that has a negative effect on a player(s) experience is not allowed.
  • Language which contains abuse, harassment, homophobic slurs, racism or language of similar nature is not allowed.
  • Posting any kind of personal information is not allowed.
  • Any type of media (videos, pictures, links etc…) with inappropriate content is not allowed.
  • Crashing the servers on purpose is not allowed. If you feel you are crashing the server unintentionally due to a game bug issue, report to a member of staff immediately.
  • All names must not include any sort of vulgar, hateful, racism, homophobic or other offensive language.

General Ingame Rules

  • Do not help players without asking for their permission first. If the player declines your help, respect their decision and do not get involved.
  • If you are inactive for 14 days or more, your structures, tames and items will all be wiped by a member of the team.
  • Any form of cheating is not allowed, this includes using bugs and exploits.
  • Taking other players fertilized eggs without their permission is bannable and it will lead to your tribe being removed. No excuses at all so if you see an egg in your hatchery that you are not aware off or doesnt blong to you get rid off it as we will check ancestry if we do get such report.
  • First come first serve. If you see someone waiting at a beacon, do not attempt to go up to that beacon and steal it from them. If this rule is broken, we will require video evidence for a staff member to investigate.
  • S+ show range must be disabled when finished with.
  • You can use S+ water intake anywhere, please make use of it rather then building mile long pipes.
  • Use dino storage mod to keep unnecessary dinos in souls, active dino limit of 150 is there for you to breed your dinos not for theme park : )
  • Don’t give free dinos, items or bulk resources to any player this includes selling them for dead cheap prices. Giving free items affect players experience as well as shorten their gameplay and reduce their time in server and also it will affect the server’s economy. PVE is all about achievements vs environment. If you need guidelines on prices use our vault prices and do not sell them less then half of our vault prices.
  • Leaving tamed creatures on the Obelisks is not allowed. This could result in your creature(s) being removed by a member of staff.
  • Leaving creatures on wander and/or aggressive is not allowed unless they are hitched using the S+ Hitching Post.
  • Leaving tames that are unattended in caves that could leave a negative effect on another player’s experience is not allowed. Leaving dinos in caves is not allowed.
  • Kiting or teleporting wild dinos to someone else’s dinos or structures, stealing or drowning offline players or anything of a similar nature is not allowed.
  • Using macros, scripts or any third-party software is not allowed.
  • Intentionally duping items, tames or characters is not allowed.

Building Restrictions

  • Blocking access to the artifact caves, obelisk terminals or boss terminals is not allowed.
  • Building in artifact caves is not allowed.
  • Pillar, foundation or any kind of structure spam is not allowed.
  • Do not block land paths if its obvious entry or exit to certain areas.
  • Building on or blocking Obelisks is not allowed.
  • Each tribe is allowed one main base and one outpost per map. An outpost must be not bigger than 10x10x4 or a platform or a raft / motorboat. If a raft / motorboat / dino with platform saddle is returned to your main base, it will not count as an outpost.
  • Taming pens, fishing spots must be taken down as soon as you are finished using them.
  • Building placeholders to reserve land is not allowed, this could result in your structures being removed by a member of staff.
  • Blocking beacons or loot crates is not allowed. (eg. No 1×1 buildings around beacons or loot crates.)
  • Building on world spawn points is not allowed.
  • Structures must not block 5 or more resources (Click here to for the list of resources this rule applies to).
  • Blocking or building on beaver dam spawn’s is not allowed.
  • Building mechanics that are unintended is not allowed, structures must have a clear connection to the world. (eg. Floating structures)

The Island Rules

  • Building bases on carno island is not allowed, temporary taming pens are allowed.
  • Building around or blocking Oil Pumps / Veins is not allowed and could result in the removal of your structures.
  • Building around desert drops are not allowed.
  • Blocking or building on penguin spawns is not allowed.

Aberration Rules

  • All Gas collectors must be unlocked and cannot be built around or blocked.
  • Blocking or building around charge nodes is not allowed and could result in your structures being removed by a member of staff.
  • Blocking or building around Plant Z is not allowed.
  • Building or blocking surface entrance caves is not allowed and will result in your structures and creatures in the cave removed without warning.
  • Blocking rivers is not allowed.

Valguero Rules

  • Building around or blocking the Deinonychus nests is not allowed.
  • Building around or blocking the entrances of the caves that lead to the Aberration zone is not allowed.

Ragnarok Rules

  • Building around or blocking Oil Pumps / Veins is not allowed and will result in the removal of your structures.
  • Building around desert drops are not allowed.
  • Blocking or building on penguin spawns is not allowed.
  • Building inside wyvern trench or inside wyvern cave is not allowed, this includes rafts inside wyvern cave.

Extinction Rules

  • You must claim an Orbital Supply Drop or also known as OSD. To claim an OSD use claim option on OSDs multi use menu.
  • You must claim an Element Vein. To claim an Element Vein, use claim option on main element veins multi use menu.
  • Building around or blocking city terminals is not allowed.
  • Do not get involved in titan fights if players are engaged in one unless you have permission to be involved.
  • Constantly farming titans is not allowed by the same tribe or player nonstop, give others a chance to experience killing titans. However, if there are no one in the queue you are free to farm them.
  • Taming titans currently is allowed, however depending on tame time and player base at that time we might prevent taming titans to allow other titans to spawn so players can kill them.

Genesis Rules

Genesis rules are not final and will be changed or updated.

  • Building around or blocking Glitches is not allowed.
  • Building around or blocking teleportation zones is not allowed.
  • Rafts, tames and structures are not to be left at mission start points or mission areas. They will be removed by admins without warning.
  • Using exploits to abuse the missions to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. For example, using a creature with a platform saddle with structure on it or blocking areas with tames during mission.
  • Metal Ocean plaforms are treated as bases so 1 base or metal ocean platform and 1 outpost rule currently in effect. 1x Wooden Ocean Platforms are treated as an outpost. This rule is for Genesis map not per biome so remove your extra structures if you dont want to loose any items in your storages as we will have to remove them ourselves without checking for any storage contents.
  • Do not take other players items when they are killed.
  • Do not drop dinos in other players bases, doing so will lead your tribe getting banned from all servers!.